Products and brands

The home24 assortment

Our customers love our huge product assortment that we are offering in our shop. They can choose from a wide selection as well as from a range of styles across all relevant price points. Thereby, we bring together two distinct business models.

Our private label brands

On our website, you cannot only buy third-party products. We are equally proud of our unique and growing private labal assortment. Our private label offering comprises popular designs at significantly lower prices than in traditional retail. In a nutshell: great value for money.

The development of our exclusive design products starts with the analysis of data trends on our platform. By now, we have designed, sampled, tested and launched more than 5,000 exclusive SKUs. Our true product passion is reflected in several awards that our products have won, for example from German consumer organisation “Stiftung Warentest”.

By adding third-party brands, we create an even broader assortment, which we also carefully curate for our customers. We generally do not stock these items in our warehouses, so we have no burden on the cost side. At the same time, this additional offering and the constant communication with our customers provide us with valuable insights into how we can further optimize our product range.

A selection of our private label brands