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Decisions can be tough when it comes to furnishing your living space, so make sure you have been informed well. Home24.com is here to support you in your choices. Have a look around in our virtual home and find out how you can use chairs, sofas, cabinets, beds and much more in a creative way as to turn your home into a world of relaxation!

Candle lightingThere are multiple ways to wander through our virtual home, as there are multiple manners in which you can go about designing your home. You may want to start furnishing by looking through different kinds of furniture. If you are looking for a specific piece, start going through the different categories in the navigation panel to the left. You can also have a look at different furniture brands in the upper navigation panel. You might find that certain producers make furniture that suit your style!

Dining roomMaybe you are keen on designing your house into one particular style. Check out decoration styles such as loft style and new country style. Having your home designed in one style creates rest for the eye, which evidently affects your wellness. Or do you want to live like your favorite Hollywood stars? Then you should consider a mansion style or a glamour style. There is a style to suit every person. In the upper navigation panel you will find our decoration styles.

BedroomAnother method of approach is to go through our virtual home room by room. Have a peak into the dining room, living room and kitchen and then make your way upstairs to the bathroom, bedroom and kids room. Do not forget to look outside into our garden! Every room has a different purpose which you should take into account while choosing your furniture. Also, never forget that every piece of furniture fits better in a room with good lighting! Through the upper navigation panel you can enter our different rooms.

At Home24.com we welcome you into the wonderful world of our home. Our aim is to invest in your well-being, so do not hesitate and make yourself at home!