• SE conversion
  • Stuttgart showroom opens at Königstraße
  • Johannes joins Management Board as CTO
  • Eva Padberg garden collection launches
  • Brazil as our first region to achieve adj. EBITDA breakeven on a monthly level
  • Record sales performance on Black Friday with orders reaching 6x the regular sales level
  • home24 is the exclusive outfitter of “Austria’s Next Topmodel”
  • Launch of TV campaign #hooome24
  • Frankfurt showroom reopens, new & extended location
  • Returbo acquisition
  • First home24 outlet opens in Berlin
  • First Eva Padberg campaign launches
  • Marc and Christoph join the Management Board
  • home24 and Mobly rebranding
  • home24 acquires fashion4home and integrates assortment & showrooms
  • Lothar Lanz becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Home24 GmbH is converted into Home24 AG
  • New logistic center opens in Walsrode
  • home24 serves the 1,000,000th customer
  • Launch of our private label mattress “Smood”
  • home24 launches in Italy, Belgium and Switzerland
  • First own operated logistic center opens in Ludwigsfelde
  • Launch of our successful KINX series, initially boxspring bed only
  • Showrooms open in Frankfurt and Vienna
  • Launch of our successful Manchester series with 17 core products (over 50 as of Q1-2018)
  • home24 launches in Austria
  • Showrooms open in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Munich
  • home24 acquires Mobly Comercio Varejista Ltda. which today is the Latin America segment
  • Launch of first TV campaign “Arsch der Welt” in Germany
  • home24 launches in the Netherlands and France
  • First showroom opens in Berlin
  • Mobly Comercio Varejista Ltda. is founded in Brazil
  • Pop-up tour to test Showrooming across Germany
  • Launch of the Copperfield sofa, one of our first and most successful private label products
  • First European ‘warehouse’
  • home24 and fashion4home are founded, launching independently one of the first online offerings for home & living products in Germany


Founded in 2009
and today led by Christoph,
Johannes, Marc and Philipp
Headquartered in Berlin, more than 1,000 employees worldwide
More than 100,000 SKUs sourced from over 500 suppliers in more than 30 different countries
Active in seven European markets: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland; and Brazil
More than 1 million active customers
Seven showrooms in key metropolitan areas in Germany and Austria, and two outlets in Germany
One innovative platform combining our curated private label business with a broad and relevant assortment of third party products